Anadialectical Materialism: This philsophy owes its existence to the trans-ontological work of Enrique Dussel and the Marxist theory of history. Synthesized together it proposes that to address the contradictions and tensions between opposing forces and ideas requires the radical acceptance of the other, those who are alienated at the fringes of systems of society, thoughts and apprehension.

The idea of Anadialectical Materialism as a philosophy of mind appeared in my head about 5 years ago and has stubbornly refused to depart. Rather than ignore it (as that seems to have failed as a cognitive strategy) I have chosen to develop this space to find out what it means, or try to, and write about it here.

You will find as this website grows so the ideas of this philosphy will be defined, articulated and explored. Links to relevant articles of philosophical significance and contextual readying will be provided and opportunities to discuss this new approach to articulating human experience will be opened up.

Stephen Williams @mhnurselecturer

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